Wet rot? Dry rot? It’s time to take action

dry rot spawn

If you suspect that you have a wet rot or dry rot issue there is something you should know: Staring at the rot won’t make it vanish any more than ignoring it will. You need to take effective action.

Please contact us so that you can replace worries and “what if’s” with peace of mind delivering facts and equally importantly, rot can be eradicated and timbers treated in a pocket friendly manner.

Thames Valley Timber Treatment has been operating for over twenty-five years, we are leading experts in timber treatments and timber preservation. We enjoy a partnership with Sovereign Chemicals and are proud to offer thirty year guarantees for our work.

Our first step is to send an expert technician to evaluate your timber rot issue. A thorough survey will be carried out in affected areas and potential problem areas will be identified. This isn’t a sneaky way to increase profits, this should save you stress and money in the long term.

Wet or dry rot spreads as spores bear fruits and then more spores and fruits in the timber to multiply. If we didn’t check around rotten areas we wouldn’t really be doing our job properly. And you can be sure that we are customer service focused and delighted that we receive praise for our conduct and services.

Whilst you aren’t obliged to act on any of the recommendations in our professional written survey, doing nothing will only allow the dry or wet rot to spread further. The worst case scenario is that the integrity of the timber will be compromised which can cause structural issues.

If you’re renovating a property you’ll be pleased that the wall, floor, skirting boards, ceiling and loft space above a window frame that is bearing signs of timber rot have been assessed. You won’t have to call us in the future for an area of spongy flooring because effective measures will be taken before renovation work was completed. Any wood installed should be treated for timber preservation.

Remedial work takes the following route:

  1. The cause of damp needs to be determined and removed.
  2. Affected timber must dry out.
  3. For a small area, the affected timbers will be removed to a safe level and then timber preservation treatments will be administered.
  4. For larger areas, the whole timber may need to be removed and replaced with timber that has been treated. The surrounding timber can also be treated to halt further issues.
  5. Your problem is solved. Peace of mind is restored and the timber is no longer under attack. Perfect.

Please don’t try to treat wet or dry rot as a DIYer. They present several similar clues and treating the rot incorrectly can be counterproductive.

We exist because there’s a perpetual need for professional long lasting timber treatments. If DIY answers were enough we’d have been out of business long ago!

We’re qualified, experienced, courteous and friendly so please contact us today.