Woodworm Treatment Services

woodworm treatment

[Photo of woodworm in loft joist; the dust is called 'frass' ]

If you suspect you have a woodworm problem and would like to get some professional, reliable and trusted advice, we can come out to your property and carry out an appraisal, give advice and provide a full written estimate and report on the remedial works required.

Woodworm Treatment

Our woodworm treatment service applies where there is a confirmed, active infestation (or attack) of woodworm. This will usually be accompanied by frass - the yellow coloured dust that is left behind by the wood-boring beetle. Treatment for active woodworm ensures that the attack is halted with a minimum of 10 years insurance backed. This means woodworm should not recur for at least 10 years, due to the quality of the chemical treatments we use when treating active woodworm.

Woodworm Prevention

We also offer a preventative service which provides total peace of mind that the treated timbers will be free of active woodworm infestation for a further 10 years. This service is especially suitable for older properties where a course of woodworm treatment has been carried out in the distant past but the exact date of treatment is not known. Often mortgage lenders and insurance companies will ask property owners to have a course of woodworm treatment carried out as a precautionary measure.

Suspect woodworm in your property? We can help

In the first instance, please call us on 01635 250 852 to speak to a specialist and arrange a mutually convenient time for an inspection.

Signs of active woodworm are:

  • Frass (sawdust) around emergence holes 
  • Clean emergence holes (as if freshly drilled) 
  • Sightings of the beetles 

From there on our process is to ascertain whether you have an active infestation and, if so, the extent of the attack and action required. We will be able to provide you with an accurate and fixed-price quotation shortly after our visit. Please note that in some (serious) cases where reinstatement work is required after removal, we may need to seek an estimate from our remedial partners - this may involve another visit.

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