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Wet Rot Treatment

Have You Attempted DIY Timber Rot Treatment?

We’ve met many people over the twenty five plus years that we’ve been in operation who have called us in after they’ve made a brave attempt at eradicating a wet rot or dry rot issue. They have nipped out to the DIY store, read a couple of how to articles online and set to work only to find that their so called easy solution hasn’t worked well. Perhaps they’ve found that their treatment was counterproductive.

Why didn’t the DIY treatment work?

One cure does not fit all issues. Perhaps it’s the incorrect timber treatment or the wrong approach is taken about the cause of the issue.

Put bluntly, if there was no need for timber treatment professionals then we and numerous other expert companies wouldn’t exist. We do, therefore we can state without any reservations that you need to use the training, qualifications and experience of timber treatment and timber preservation industry leaders – we mean us – when you believe that you have a dry or wet rot issue.

Wet and dry rots originate in different levels of moisture, they present visual clues which are common to both rots and a novice cannot become an expert overnight, this is why DIY treatments don’t necessarily work.

Expert diagnosis

If you went to your GP with a sore leg and they prodded it a couple of times before telling you that you had a sprained ankle you would be reluctant to accept their quick diagnosis. How can they tell? What if you don’t need to be in bandages for weeks and an ice pack would be adequate?

The same premise should be used when diagnosing the kind of timber rot that your property is suffering from and the extent of the treatment measures required. You may feel that mushroom shapes poking through woodwork must be one form of rot but it could be that the opposite is true.

Without attention, experience and a full professional survey you can’t make an effective timber rot diagnosis.

Although it may be tempting, please don’t trust your first impression. You may have a localised dry rot issue but treat a small wet rot issue or miss an extensive patch of rot in another risk area that threatens the integrity of the timber and of the property long term. Without the optimum timber treatments your issue will continue to grow.

You could inadvertently remove more or less timber than you should, cause more issues by using the incorrect treatments and cost yourself more money. It’s not worth the risk or stress.

Contact us for the best results

We’re reputable cost effective professionals so we won’t tell you that you need a new staircase if the timber has only rotted in a small area. We ensure the timber preservation and replacement work is at the level required with a 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Please take full advantage of Thames Valley Timber Treatment’s experience and knowledge. We’re here to help you restore order in your property.