Buying property? Get a timber survey

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When you buy a new home or business premises you may fall in love with it and imagine how you’re going to decorate but you also need to be pragmatic.

Don’t forget to check the integrity of the wood in the property. Just because timbers might look strong when you take quick glance that doesn’t mean that below the surface there isn’t an issue. A glance won’t tell you if the timbers have been attacked by woodworm, wet rot or dry rot.

This is where Thames Valley Timber Treatment can assist you. Don’t make a property purchase without obtaining a full survey that tells you exactly what you’re buying and if it will last for decades or turn in to an expensive job in a few years.

If timber treatment was carried out by previous owners it is imperative to know if the guarantees have expired or if timber preservation work was not carried out in a particular area so that the matter can be addressed.

Whilst wet rot and dry rot are visible from their effect on timber and their mushroom shaped fruits, woodworm aren’t so easy to spot. There are clues including frass, the dust that occurs from their labours, but it’s wise to entrust experts with the assessment of an infestation and the potential damage that has occurred. It may interest you to learn that woodworm live for anywhere between 2-5 years before they become beetles. Their lifespan as beetles is approximately 2 weeks. Just think of the fun that woodworm could have in your timbers if left unattended. They could bring the house down – literally.

Many lenders require certification regarding woodworm prior to accommodating a request but we’d call a survey good old fashioned sense. Would you pay £400 for a designer oak cabinet only to discover that the wood was riddled with holes thanks to an infestation of woodworm? No, you’d be horrified. Why then would you risk making a larger investment without taking all necessary measures to ensure that the quality of materials was at optimum levels?

Thames Valley Timber Treatment is a local family firm with over 25 years of experience and we offer a 10 year insurance backed guarantee with all work. Full written and detailed surveys are standard and we are proud of our attention to detail and our customer service levels.

Whatever your idea of an 'English pile', an Englishman's home is his castle and we all want to ensure that they remain in tip-top order. When it comes to looking after the timber in your home, you'll find yourself in very safe hands at Thames Valley Timber Treatment.

Our experts respect every customer and believe that they are entitled to the best service and treatments. We also appreciate that if an issue is discovered, whether it’s a wet or dry rot issue or an infestation, that you’ll want to know about the next step if you proceed with the property purchase and the potential costs of timber rot treatments and timber preservation services.

Timber treatment must be carried out as swiftly as possible. Whilst the issue is present the situation will continue to deteriorate. Any work that’s required can be used as a negotiation point with the vendor.

We’re here to help so please give our friendly team a call.