Suspect a woodworm infestation? You need our assistance

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What are woodworm?

Woodworm is a generalised term for several species of wood boring beetle including the common furniture beetle with the Latin name Anobium punctatum.

On average, approximately 5000 UK properties receive professional timber treatment every week so if you think you have a woodworm infestation, it’s not remarkable just unwelcome.  

Why are woodworm harmful?

Woodworm, in their larvae and pupa stages survive by feeding on the cellulose in timber. As they do so they damage the structural integrity of the wood. Timber should be strong and a trustworthy material, however, a woodworm infestation can weaken the wood significantly causing crumbling and easy breakage. Frass is the name given to the resulting dust from a beetle exiting from a tunnel.

The tunnels are called galleries by professional timber treatment firms like us.

Woodworm infestation activity poses a health and safety risk and could invalidate insurance so if you suspect that your business premises, home or furniture is under attack from woodworm then it’s imperative that you act immediately.

Why is there an urgency?

Quite apart from the fact that few people enjoy sharing their environment with pests, procrastination is counterproductive.

Woodworm timber treatment services cost less the earlier that we are called in, this is because the problem area and woodworm infestation haven’t been allowed to expand.

To treat woodworm infestations you need more technical solutions than willing them to move on. They won’t.

Over the counter timber treatments and choosing to treat woodworm yourself may seem attractive solutions but if they worked, would there be constant demand for professionals?

Why should clients call us?

  • Thames Valley Timber Treatment has been in operation for over twenty-five years.
  • We have qualifications, training, experience and practicality to draw upon.
  • We are renowned for our customer care and efficiency.
  • Clients trust us.
  • We are cost effective.
  • We have access to timber treatment options which are not available in the public domain.
  • We are proud to enjoy a partnership with Sovereign Chemicals.
  • We offer 10 year insurance backed guarantee on our timber treatment.  

How long do woodworm live for?

Longer than you may think…

  • Eggs are laidin the crevices of the timber and in wooden objects, they hatch in approximately 10-14 days. Their location is chosen for its security and with a view to survival.
  • Larvae bore in to the wood and start to eat once hatched. Furniture beetles live in this state for 2-5 years, safely ensconced in the timber. Deathwatch beetles live for 8-10 years and fall in to the woodworm category.
  • The pupatravels towards the timber’s surface as it matures to beetle form.
  • Beetles leave the timber, mate and die within a couple of weeks.


What signs should you to look for?

  • Fresh looking holes in the timber.
  • Galleries – tunnels bored in the timber.
  • Frass – The dust pushed out of the galleries by the mature beetles.
  • Eggs – These are difficult to spot with an untrained eye.
  • Dead beetles.
  • Damaged/crumbling/weak timber.

At Thames Valley Timber Treatment we’re dedicated to eradicating woodworm infestations. Contact us today.