Specialist Woodworm Treatment

Specialist Woodworm Treatment

What Is Woodworm?

Woodworm refers to the damage caused by insect larvae living under the surface of wood. It is in fact not a worm but a wood-boring beetle. The beetles lay their eggs and their larvae cause the damage, burrowing beneath the surface of the wood eating their way up and down the timber and hatching out, boring their way into the open air.

If left untreated this infestation can cause a lot of damage as it weakens timber strength, as well as making the wood look unsightly. It can be found in any area of your home where there is timber and there are the right conditions for the infestation.

There are different species of woodworm and they prefer varying types of timber and situations i.e. roof joists, skirting boards, floorboards or furniture. Usually (although not always the case) woodworm prefers damp conditions, specifically timber with a moisture content of 18% or more.

Is it woodworm?

You’ll know you have woodworm if you can identify a series of tiny pinprick holes in the wood. These occur when the insect matures and exits the wood. Another sign is small heaps of powdery sawdust. Make sure you inspect the entire surface of the wood in order to identify whether it is just one small section of the entire piece.

Is it worth saving?

Before seeking treatment you should assess the extent of the damage. Often, the damage is only found along the upper layer of the wood while the heart and surrounding layers remain untouched. If this is the case, you’re lucky as the wood will still be salvageable!

However if the wood crumbles or breaks off easily when handled there might not be much hope of saving the item, even after treatment. If there is crumbling wood, weak and damaged floorboards or visible eggs, larvae or adult insects it’s time to call in the specialists!

What does woodworm treatment mean?

The specialists will firstly conduct an examination of the affected property. This is to determine whether the insect is still active. We will then decide and discuss with you the appropriate course of action. The woodworm treatment used will depend on the severity of the attack, the location and accessibility of the infested or damaged area and the type of property. The affected area will need to be exposed in order to be treated, this might involve lifting carpets etc. depending on the location of the woodworm.

Who should I call?

When it comes to woodworm treatment and infestations it’s important to call in timber preservation experts. Ensure the specialists you contact are experienced and trusted as you are trusting them with your home!

If you are looking for a reputable, cost effective and professional specialist that offers woodorm treatment then contact us, Thames Valley Timber Treatment.

We have an established track record going back more than 25 years. We offer a guarantee along with ensuring an effective treatment with minimum inconvenience to you. Before beginning treatment we will fully protect your property from dirty boots, tools and equipment and we'll clean up afterwards!