Professional, Comprehensive Wood Rot Treatment

Professional Wood Rot Treatment

Control Services Timber Treatment has been in operation for over twenty-five years. When you contact us with your concerns about timber preservation or wood rot treatment we draw on our extensive knowledge and practical abilities to deliver the highest levels of service. We are proud to be in partnership with Sovereign Chemicals and to offer thirty year guarantees for our solutions.

Whilst wood is an outstanding building material when it’s at its optimum strength, an area that has endured a drastic increase in moisture, thanks to a roof, weather or plumbing issue, and becomes saturated is an open invitation for timber rot.

Property check-up

Winter is a perfect time for wood rot to set in and so it is worth checking areas to ascertain that inclement weather or inadequate ventilation has not left your premises in a vulnerable state.

If you discover woodwork that is spongy, smelling and sprouting black-brown veined fungi with a white-cream edge it’s probable that wet rot treatment is necessary. However, wet rot, also known as cellar fungus, can look similar to dry rot so expert advice must be sought.

Many people try to ignore a problem or seek over the counter timber treatments in a bid to save money and time. Please don’t.

Left unchecked, the fungus will continue to spread by sending out spores and fruiting, the timber is its food source. You could also treat timber counterproductively and over a too broad or too small area.

Our professional solutions

You need a professional survey from us at the earliest opportunity, this will reveal the correct wood rot issue and the true extent of damage, including any structural implications. We produce a comprehensive report which can then be acted on. We don’t make you wait unnecessarily to gain the facts. We want to ensure safety so time is never wasted.

Remedial Wood Rot Treatment Summary:

  1. The cause of damp needs to be identified and removed/repaired. This is a prerequisite.
  2. Affected salvageable timber must be dried.
  3. For a small area, the affected timbers will be removed to a safe level and then wet rot prevention and timber preservation treatments can be administered.
  4. If the whole timber needs replacement it will be treated for timber preservation and installed.

If you’re reluctant to call in Control Services Timber Treatment because you believe you can handle the situation effectively, this may help you to reconsider.

If A Brick Wall Was Falling Would You:

  1. Rebuild the wall yourself?
  2. Ignore the problem?
  3. Call an emergency builder, limit the amount of damage and get a survey to learn about the integrity of the building?

It’s worrying how many people choose the least suitable answer regarding timber when they’d elect for option c without hesitation in the collapsing brick wall scenario.

If wood rot treatment is neglected or an existing wood rot is inappropriately dealt with it could be joists, stairs and roof timbers that buckle.

Please call us. Timber preservation and wood rot treatment is our specialities.