Don't Let Woodworm Infestation Spread

Woodworm Infestation

Finding a woodworm infestation in any part of the house is the stuff of nightmares for many homeowners. The discovery of timber or furniture riddled with holes can sometimes spark a panicked, and often ill-thought-out, clear out but there is no need to rush into any decisions. In fact, in some cases, there may not be any reason to worry at all.

Nevertheless, there are a number of measures you can take in order to give you greater piece of mind.

Identify The Danger

The first assessment you will need to make is the scale of the threat to the rest of your surrounding timbers. Contrary to popular belief, woodworm doesn’t spread to any piece of wood in the vicinity.

While the threat of a woodworm infestation should never be underestimated, it is important to remember that there may not an imminent danger at all. The holes found in the wood may set off alarm bells, but they are made when the adult woodworm beetles make their exit to breed.

If you are keen to get a fuller understanding of the problem, then it’s a good idea to block these holes with a coat of emulsion. Then check back after a few months to see if any beetles are indeed still present in the wood.

Keep An Eye On Humidity

Woodworm prefer to live in conditions where moisture levels are higher. Logic, therefore, dictates that lowering the levels of humidity and increasing levels of ventilation within your property will help to reduce your risk of infestation.

It also important to keep any eye on the moisture levels within the wood itself. This can be achieved by way of a moisture meter. It’s worth remembering that a moisture level of 20% would signal a problem. However, a reading of 11% significantly lowers the risk.

Install Electric Fly Traps

It may seem a little over-the-top, but installing electric fly traps in loft spaces and in under-ventilated areas is one of the most effective preventative measures for dealing with woodworm. It’s not a solution that will be available to everyone, but it is always worth implementing, if possible.

Remove Infested Items

Despite there not always being a reason to panic when discovering evidence of woodworm within your house, if environmental factors conspire to create a suitable breeding ground for beetles, it is important not to take any chances until those issues are resolved.

This can sometimes be easier said than done, particularly in cases where the affected timber is part of the structural integrity of your property. However, if it’s possible, it is certainly a course of action to consider.

Check for Woodworm Infestation Regularly

It is important to catch any possible infestation as early as possible, so make sure to check your wood surfaces regularly.

Checks and examinations should take place around once a month, and appropriate action should be promptly carried out, either by using the tips above, by applying a pesticide or by calling a specialist such as Thames Valley Timber Treatment.

If you only appear to have halted any further spread of infestation, it’s important to remain vigilant. Do not simply assume that woodworm will not return. Contact us today for more information by calling 01635 250852 or 01183 360600.