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Wet Rot Experts

Control Services Timber Treatment’s experts need every potential client to know that in the event of a flood, plumbing issue, excessive condensation, inadequate ventilation, adverse weather, a leaking roof or any incident in which the moisture levels increase significantly, to 50% or more, that immediate action should be taken.

Please contact our professional, experienced and qualified wet rot experts and secure peace of mind about your premises and the timbers state and strength.

Our team has witnessed too many cases over the years in which the client vainly hoped that timber would dry out and that any rot and timber issues would fade to a distant memory. They called us after they’d conceded defeat and realised that their inactions were counterproductive.

Without seeking wet rot treatment and timber preservation solutions wet rot will spread and is therefore costlier to treat. It can also present structural and safety risks.

An area containing timber that’s become saturated is susceptible to wet rot. From spongy, musty smelling wood to the arrival of black-brown veined fungi, there are clues that spores are embedding themselves in timber and spreading over a wider area. The wet rot feeds on the cellulose in the timber. The timber is perpetually weakened as more fruits establish themselves.

Wet Rot Experts Survey the Damage

You can’t assume that there won’t be an eventual collapse after wet rot takes hold.

That’s why a survey to evaluate the severity of the wet rot is vital. Also, if your rot issue is complicated by dry rot or a woodworm infestation, we’ll know exactly how to use our timber preservation tools and techniques.

Wet rot experts are qualified surveyors and they make comprehensive investigations. This can take time which may lead to a feeling of trepidation from the client, however this is a positive course of action. A thorough survey delivers detailed and confidence building results.

As an example, if you have recognised a wet rot problem at skirting board level, the surveyor can check walls, window ledges, frames and flooring, including joists, to ensure that their integrity has not been compromised. Timber preservation treatments minimise a repetition of the wet rot and further treatments.

If timber preservation treatment was carried out by a previous owner it is crucial to learn if the guarantees have expired or if timber preservation was not carried out in certain areas.

Wet rot experts like ourselves offer 10 year insurance backed guarantee.

Control Services Timber Treatment’s wet rot treatment follows this basic formula:

  1. The cause of the damp needs to be identified and eradicated.
  2. The saturated area needs to dry if any of the timber is to be preserved.
  3. The timbers may be removed entirely, dependant on the spread of the wet rot.
  4. Replacement of affected timber or sections down to a sound level is carried out.
  5. Timber preservation and wet rot treatments are administered.

This is an area in which DIY treatments or a lack of application will cost the client more. Please act now.