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Builders: Real Wood Subject to Real Woodworm

We live in a wonderful place – you might even say the best place on earth – but our natural environment is a perfect environment for woodworm, dry rot, and wet rot. So much so that a builder working in the Forest of Dean is using modern materials instead of traditional lumber to build new holiday cabins.

When You Don't Know You Need Specialist Woodworm Treatment

Is it possible to have so much damage that you need a specialist woodworm treatment, without knowing the damage exists? Absolutely. The nature of woodworm makes it very possible for the insects to wreak havoc on timbers without property owners knowing about it until extensive damage has already been done. We see these kinds of cases all the time.

Treating Woodworm when Bats are Present

In our quest to help control woodworm and other timber-destroying diseases in England, we have to be careful that the procedures and chemicals we use do not harm other species. Bats are a notable example. All 18 species of bats found in the UK are protected by law. Therefore, we cannot be reckless in our use of woodworm treatments that could harm them.

Beat the Scammers by Learning to Identify Woodworm

Earlier this year, we learned of a scam involving door-to-door fraudsters selling fake woodworm services. As woodworm specialists, these kinds of scams are terribly offensive to us. They prey on innocent people who do not know anything about woodworm or timber rot, and they give the entire woodworm treatment industry a bad name.

Buying property? Get a timber survey

Don’t forget to check the integrity of the wood in the property. Just because timbers might look strong when you take quick glance that doesn’t mean that below the surface there isn’t an issue. A glance won’t tell you if the timbers have been attacked by woodworm, wet rot or dry rot.

Wet rot? Dry rot? It’s time to take action

Thames Valley Timber Treatment has been operating for over twenty-five years, we are leading experts in timber treatments and timber preservation. We enjoy a partnership with Sovereign Chemicals and are proud to offer thirty year guarantees for our work.

Professional Timber Treatments

We’ve met many people over the twenty five plus years that we’ve been in operation who have called us in after they’ve made a brave attempt at eradicating a wet rot or dry rot issue.